Know Your Wellness Wheel

The Fitness Program is just one of our family of programs meant to bring wellness in our lives. Please see our other websites to find information regarding some of these additional programs. ~ ~


Physical Wellness: a perception and expectation of physical health

- Exercising Regularly
- Eating Properly
- Getting regular physical check-ups
- Avoiding use of tobacco or illicit drugs

Spiritual Wellness: a positive perception of meaning and prpose in life

- Participating in spiritual activities
- Caring about the welfare of others and acting out of that care
- Spending time alone in personal reflection
- Bringing glory to God and His Son

Social and Financial Wellness - support from family, friends, and others in times of need

- Being comfortable with and liking yourself as a person
- Interacting easily with people of different ages, backgrounds, races, lifestyles
- Contributing time, money and energy to the community
- Communicating your feelings
- Developing friendships
- Budgeting and balancing your time and money to include both responsibilities and relaxation

Emotional Wellness - possession of a secure self-dentity and a positive sense of self-regard

- Keeping a positive attitude
- Being sensitive to your feelings and the feelings of others
- Learning to cope with stress
- Being realistic about your expectations and time
- Taking responsibility for your own behavior
- Dealing with your personal and financial issues realistically

Intellectual Wellness - the perception of being internally energized by itenllectually stimulating activity

- Learning because you want to – not because you are told to. Doing the work assigned.
- Learning through varied experiences – reading, writing, sharing and exploration
- Observing what is around you
- Listening
- Exposing yourself to new experiences (e.g. arts, theater)

Environmental Wellness - the positive perception of the environment that one works and lives in

- Being aware of the natural environment you live in
- Recognizing opportunities that lead you to new skills and acting on those opportunities
- Working to ensure the stability and longevity of our natural resources

Occupational Wellness - your outlook on your work and career

- Finding satisfaction and worth in your work
- Ensuring your work environment and relationships are comfortable
- Finding ways to improve at work through skill development and active learning